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The Maximilian

That’s just the way it is: Sometimes we are looking for that one place. A place where you are not just a city traveller or business guest. Rather a place we all can contribute to something great with everyone’s individuality. A place that inspires and at the same time suits us. This is where it begins. The stories and experiences that define us.


We intend to remain steadfast with what is good for us, our surroundings and the next generations and strive for whatever is worth it. We are aware of our resources and are careful to use them wisely and efficiently; Day in, day out. How do we do this? Bioclimatic is our answer. We use solar energy passively through southern facing glass surfaces. In addition, there is a water-based ceiling cooling system and floor heating, which uses geothermal energy to create a comfortable warm atmosphere in the house. As we all know, heat rises, but the cool temperatures move downwards.

an urban soul,

simply heymelig

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About Maximilian

Hosting is somehow in his sociable nature. A host out of passion, you could say.

Authentic, up for any frippery and any adventure. A real globetrotter.

He has established The Maximilian, modestly named after himself, for himself and his friends. To forget time and to rejoice.

See you soon at The Maximilian. We can’t wait to meet you around.

Get to better know your host :


We heat and cool our rooms sustainably and offer e-bikes to our guests, free of charge. Awesome, right? If you are craving a good drink, you will find your way to happiness downstairs in our Heymelig Bar.


Inspired by Roman splendor: The house’s neoclassic style is modern, a little classic, over all heymelig. With a French balcony in every room. Designed by Pia Clodi & her team for Heym Collections. 


The history of the house dates back to the late 19th Century when it used to be a Villa designed by architect Ceconi. After an extensive renovation The Maximilian opened its doors as a timeless stay in 2020. 

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Villa Max

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